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By Tina Hudson

Duke Dennis has made a name for himself as one of the most popular YouTube stars and online content creators in recent years. With over 5 million subscribers across his multiple YouTube channels, Dennis is best known for his entertaining gaming videos, especially focused on the NBA 2K basketball video game series.

But there’s much more to this rising social media star and entrepreneur beyond his online fame. Let’s take a closer look at Duke Dennis’s background, including key details like his age, birthday, height, real name, relationship status, net worth, family, and more.

ProfessionYouTuber, Online Content Creator, Entrepreneur
Known ForNBA 2K gaming videos, vlogs, comedy videos
Most Popular YouTube ChannelsDuke Dennis Gaming (1.94 million subscribers), Duke Dennis (2.2 million subscribers), Duke Dennis Live (761k subscribers)
Total YouTube SubscribersOver 5 million
Birth NameDontavius Tony Dennis
Age29 Years Old
BirthdayFebruary 26, 1994
BirthplaceGreenville, South Carolina
Current ResidenceSan Diego, California
Relationship StatusSingle
Net WorthEstimated $4.5 million
Height6 feet 2 inches / 188 cm / 1.88 m
Siblings2 younger brothers

Quick Bio – Who is Duke Dennis?

Before getting into the specifics, here’s a quick overview of who Duke Dennis is:

  • Profession: YouTuber, Online Content Creator, Entrepreneur
  • Known For: NBA 2K gaming videos, vlogs, comedy videos
  • Most Popular YouTube Channels: Duke Dennis Gaming (1.94 million subscribers), Duke Dennis (2.2 million subscribers), Duke Dennis Live (761k subscribers)
  • Total YouTube Subscribers: Over 5 million
  • Birth Name: Dontavius Tony Dennis
  • Age: 29 Years Old
  • Birthday: February 26, 1994
  • Birthplace: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Current Residence: San Diego, California
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Net Worth: Estimated $4.5 million
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Now let’s get into more details about this popular YouTuber and online celebrity‚Ķ

Duke Dennis Image
Source: Instagram

All About Duke Dennis: Age, Birthday, Height, Real Name and More

Age and Birthday

Duke Dennis was born on February 26, 1994 in Greenville, South Carolina. As of 2023, he is 29 years old.

Upcoming birthdays for the YouTube star include:

  • 2024 – Turns 30 years old
  • 2025 – Turns 31 years old
  • 2026 – Turns 32 years old

So Dennis is currently in his late 20s, approaching his 30s over the next few years.


In terms of his physical stats, Duke Dennis stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall, which is equal to 188 centimeters or 1.88 meters.

Given his height and fitness, it’s not surprising that Dennis is a talented basketball player himself in addition to his video gaming skills.

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Real Name and Background

Born Dontavius Tony Dennis, Duke Dennis is his popular public name. Not much is known publicly about his family and upbringing.

Dennis was born in South Carolina but later moved to San Diego, California where he currently resides.

Younger Brothers

While not much else about his early life is known, we do know Duke Dennis has two younger brothers who have appeared frequently in his YouTube videos and collaborations.

Girlfriend and Relationship Status

As for his romantic relationships, Duke Dennis likes to keep that side of his life private for the most part.

In 2022 and 2023, some fans speculated Dennis was dating Instagram model Kaliya Ashley Ross. However neither openly confirmed they were officially in a relationship.

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As of 2023, Dennis is believed to be currently single. The YouTuber has not directly addressed his current relationship status.

Duke Dennis’s YouTube Career and Channels

Let’s take a closer look at Dennis’s massively popular YouTube career, which has brought him both fame and fortune.

Duke Dennis Gaming

On February 16, 2013, Dennis launched his original YouTube channel, the aptly named “Duke Dennis Gaming.”

This channel, which now has over 1.94 million subscribers, is where Dennis uploads most of his entertaining gaming videos and live streams. He focuses specifically on the basketball video game series NBA 2K.

Through his humorous videos and skilled gameplay, Dennis has built a huge fanbase of viewers who love watching him dominate NBA 2K and provide funny commentary.

DeeBlock Duke Dennis

As his popularity grew, Dennis created a second YouTube channel in January 2020 called “DeeBlock Duke Dennis.” This channel now has over 2.2 million subscribers.

On this channel, Dennis uploads vlogs, reaction videos, comedy sketches, and other IRL (in real life) content beyond just gaming.

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Duke Dennis Live

With two rapidly growing channels, Dennis then launched his third YouTube channel in 2021 called “Duke Dennis Live.”

This channel features Dennis’s live streams, allowing fans to watch him game or react to videos in real-time. The channel has quickly grown to over 760,000 subscribers in just a couple years.

Total Subscribers Across Channels

Collectively, Dennis’s three YouTube channels have over 5 million total subscribers. His entertaining personality and consistent video uploads have earned him a massive following online.

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Dennis also collaborates frequently with other top YouTubers and internet celebrities like Kai Cenat, Agent 00, Fanum, and ImDavisss. This exposure helps expand his audience and fame even further.

Duke Dennis Net Worth and Income

With immense popularity comes financial reward. So how much is Duke Dennis worth thanks to his mega successful YouTube career?

Net Worth Estimate

As of 2023, Duke Dennis’s net worth is estimated to be around $4.5 million.

Much of his wealth has come in recent years as his popularity on YouTube and social media has rapidly grown.

Sources of Income and Wealth

Dennis has earned his multi-million dollar fortune primarily through:

  • YouTube Ad Revenue: This includes a cut of the advertising dollars generated from his videos. Top YouTubers can easily make over $5 per 1,000 video views. At over 800 million lifetime views and counting, Dennis’s earnings from YouTube ads alone are likely in the millions.
  • Sponsorships and Brand Promotions: Popular social media stars can make a fortune promoting brands. Dennis has created sponsored content for companies like SeatGeek, EA Sports’ NBA Live series, and more.
  • Merchandise Sales: Dennis sells merch including t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel via his clothing line Deeblock.

As Dennis continues growing his total YouTube audience, his income streams and net worth will likely keep rising dramatically in future years.

So there you have it – a comprehensive overview answering key questions about the age, birthday, height, real name, girlfriend status, net worth, family, and background of YouTube star and rising internet celebrity Duke Dennis!

From gaming videos to vlogs and everything in between, Dennis has won over millions of fans with his talent and entertaining personality. At just 29 years old, his career is clearly still on the rise as well.

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