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Kenn Whitaker, born Kenneth Dwanye Whitaker on June 8, 1963 in Longview, Texas, is a seasoned American actor best known for his roles in films like Bulworth, Life, and Most Wanted. While not quite as famous as his older brother, acclaimed actor Forest Whitaker, Kenn has built an impressive acting resume over the past 20+ years. This article provides a deep dive into Kenn’s background, career highlights, estimated net worth, and his lifelong bond with Forest.

NameKenn Whitaker
Birth DateJune 8, 1963
Birth PlaceLongview, Texas, USA
Zodiac SignGemini
Age61 years (as of 2024)
Height5′ 9″
Weight75 kg
Net Worth$4 million
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsFather: Forest Steven Jr.
Mother: Laura Francis Smith
SiblingsBrothers: Forest Whitaker, Damon Whitaker
Sister: Deborah Whitaker

Early Life and Upbringing

Hailing from Longview, Texas, Kenn was born to insurance salesman Forest Steven Jr. and special education teacher Laura Francis Smith. He was raised alongside siblings Forest, Damon, and Deborah Whitaker in Carson, California where the family later relocated. Kenn attended local Palisades Charter High School and even as a young student, he gravitated towards acting classes to pursue his passion for performing.

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Steady Ascent as a Character Actor

Kenn’s on-screen career traces back to 1997 when he landed minor roles in films like Most Wanted and Tracey Takes On. However, his breakout performance came a year later in the 1998 political satire Bulworth starring Warren Beatty. Portraying a henchman, Kenn displayed his talents and range alongside veteran actors.

Kenn Whitaker and his brother brother
Kenn Whitaker and His Brother

From there, Kenn went on to make appearances in notable movies and shows like Party of Five, Life, The Shield, Training Day and more. Demonstrating versatility, he brought authenticity to various character roles – ranging from gang members and detectives to workplace superiors. Most recently, Kenn has been seen in indie projects like 2016’s Theory of the Leisure Class and the 2018 film Last Days.

Now 60 years old, Kenn has amassed over 20 acting credits in an impressive career that continues today. While not attaining the same mainstream success as Forest, Kenn has certainly made his mark on the industry in his own right.

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Estimated Net Worth of $4 Million

On the back of 100+ combined acting roles between the Whitaker brothers, the family has done very well financially. Specifically, Kenn Whitaker holds an estimated net worth of around $4 million – primarily accumulated from his long-term, consistent acting career.

With nearly 25 years in Hollywood and over 20 credited on-screen roles, Kenn has steadily built his wealth and assets. While not quite as affluent as academy award winner Forest, Kenn is certainly well-off and has earned his keep through dedicated work in both film and television. Combined, the Whitakers possess a small fortune in net worth.

Kenn’s Relationship with Brother Forest

As siblings born only 20 months apart, Kenn and Forest Whitaker have always shared a tight bond. Although they look so similar that people often assume they are twins, Kenn is in fact the younger brother at just shy of 60 years old. Both brothers took up acting, but with Forest gaining worldwide fame, Kenn has often worked in his shadow.

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Nevertheless, Kenn and Forest have frequently collaborated over the years. For example, Kenn landed a small role in the 1996 drama Waiting to Exhale which was directed by Forest’s ex-wife. The brothers also played on-screen brothers in a 1999 episode of Touched by an Angel. These collaborations demonstrate the strong personal and professional relationship between the siblings even as Forest’s star rose much higher.

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Kenn’s Acting Legacy

While the name Whitaker undoubtedly conjures images of Forest’s critically acclaimed performances first, Kenn has also made his mark in Hollywood. With over 20 credits to his own name, Kenn Whitaker has portrayed intriguing characters across various films and television shows – often bringing an authentic edge via roles as gang affiliates, police officers, and the like.

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In projects like Bulworth and Training Day, Kenn’s presence added depth and realism to the criminal underworld environment. And going back over 20 years to 1997’s Most Wanted, Kenn demonstrated potential for more leading, substantive roles. Ultimately, while under the radar next to Forest, Kenn has shown dedication to his craft and brought his talents to an array of noteworthy projects now spanning decades.


In summary, behind every accomplished actor is a story waiting to be told. For Kenn Whitaker, his journey includes a lifelong passion for performing, a reliable presence in Hollywood for 25+ years, an estimated $4 million net worth, and an unbreakable lifelong bond with brother Forest. While Kenn’s career has been overshadowed by Forest’s brilliance, he is an talented actor in his own right. With roles across film and television, Kenn has showcased his depth and versatility across varied character roles – often bringing authenticity as criminals, detectives, and more. As Kenn continues acting well into his 60’s, his resume reflects commitment to the craft and a career any performer could be proud of.

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